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The Wig
and The Streets

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About The Author

Emmanuel Ayoola is a Novelist and Poet. Through his writings, he critiques and mirrors society. He draws from his experience as a ‘recovering’ litigation lawyer to tell the stories in the ‘Wig and the Streets’. Emmanuel is also the author of ‘Cold Murder’ – a crime thriller published in 2013.

Emmanuel Ayoola
Lawyer, Novelist and Poet.

What Readers Are Saying

Have you read the Book? I’ll like you to also share your experience 

This collection can serve as a safe haven to cool the mind in a world of stress, noise, and endless work. Reading the stories helped me to de-stress,
to laugh with abandon reading the humour I came across.

Onis Sampson

Award-winning writer

The Wig and the Streets is a surreal work that was born out of a weird imagination. Emmanuel Ayoola has a daring imagination that opposes all forms of oppression and upholds true social justice. This is the thematic structure of the book.

Ibitoye Olukosi

President, Transformative Intellectual Dialogue and Education

This book is a page-turner.

Ayo Akeni

Art Enthusiast

The hype around this book has been unquestionable and, that made me eager to get my hands on it. With the relevancy of its summary in regards to the unjust predicaments young Lawers currently face in Nigeria, I knew this one was a must-read

Priscilla Nejo

Director, Ertel Group of Schools

Join the Campaign for Change

Did you know that most junior lawyers in Nigeria are underpaid? In 2018, Daily Trust reported the story of a young lawyer whose monthly salary was N15,000 in a law firm. In a more shocking example, the International Centre for Investigative Reporting shared the story of a junior lawyer in Lagos that earned only 630 naira in a month. These and many more are the almost-unbelievable stories of what majority of junior lawyers experience, working in law firms. In addition to poor remuneration, they also work over-time without pay, get no paid leave, have no health insurance and pension, and work under the most stringent of conditions. The thousands of lawyers who suffer this fate deserve better. Here is something you can do about the situation. Sign this petition, asking the leadership of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to self-regulate by prescribing minimum standards for lawyers’ remuneration and welfare. Ask the NBA to implement the 2022 report of its Remuneration Committee.

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